Royal Villa
Royal Villa
Royal Villa
Royal Villa
Royal Villa

Riyadh – 03/24

Royal Villa


At the prestigious Villa Royale in Riyadh, every detail is meticulously crafted to create an unparalleled luxury experience. The completion of accessories for one of the main rooms has recently been achieved, aiming to impart a touch of brightness and sophistication. Crafted with exquisite materials and exclusive designs, the pillows feature a variety of patterns and dimensions tailored to complement the unique and precious style of the Villa. With their artisanal quality and the use of premium materials, these luminous cushions serve as an ideal complement to enhance the luxury and splendor of the Royal Villa.

Inner peace - Foster the people
Inner peace - Foster the people


Inner Peace in collaboration with @fosterpartners winner of Darc Awards


Congratulation Foster + Partners!

Magia Luminescente: DreamLux alla Villa Reale di Monza

Monza, Italy – 01/24

Luminous Magic: DreamLux at the Royal Villa of Monza


In a captivating and luminous event titled “Trame di Luce” in Monza at the prestigious Royal Villa, DreamLux had the unique opportunity to offer an unparalleled sensory experience. Our presence played a pivotal role in transforming the enchanting Royal Gardens into an immersive path of luminous art. Our creations enhanced the atmosphere, capturing and elevating the sublime beauty of lighting. This event was an unforgettable occasion where light and magic fused, giving life to an extraordinary experience.

Progetto Vip In Arabia Saudita

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 12/23

Vip Project In Saudi Arabia


Transforming luxury into an immersive experience: Our bespoke illuminated panel gracing a VIP home cinema in Saudi Arabia. Adorned with hand-drawn artwork by our skilled artist, the luminous landscape captivates and elevates the ambiance. Every detail meticulously curated for a truly refined and exclusive touch.

Drake Tour 2023 “It’s All A Blur”


During Drake’s 2023 “It’s All A Blur” tour, famed designer Zac Posen presented a fashion masterpiece that captured the public’s imagination. It was an extraordinary reinterpretation of the iconic luminous dress worn by Claire Danes during the 2016 Met Gala. This spectacular dress marked the perfect meeting between technology, fashion and music, creating a unique and fascinating synergy. Zac Posen’s creation transcended the boundary between the physical and digital worlds, fusing classic design and technological innovation into a single artistic expression. The dress, originally designed for Claire Danes, was masterfully reworked to fit the atmosphere and overwhelming energy of Drake’s tour. This luminous masterpiece represented an extraordinary fusion of art, fashion and technology, embodying the very essence of limitless creativity. Zac Posen’s homage to Claire Danes’ original masterpiece demonstrated once again that fashion can be much more than simple fabrics and stitching; it can be a dynamic and ever-evolving art form, capable of inspiring and enchanting the entire world.

With his luminous dress at Drake’s “It’s All A Blur Tour”, Zac Posen wrote a new chapter in fashion history, proving that innovation and beauty can truly go hand in hand, creating an unforgettable experience for anyone had the privilege of seeing him shine on stage.


Cannes, France – 09/2023

Cannes Yachting Festival 2023


Discover the magic of DreamLux at the Cannes Yachting Festival!
We invite you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury like never before at our booth. This year, our booth highlights the theme of jellyfish through the use of our luminous fabrics and the application of various techniques that create evocative shades reflecting the waves of the sea. This experience will convey a unique sense of tranquility and beauty to your encounter with luxury.
Don’t miss the opportunity to live this extraordinary experience and discover the future of luxury with DreamLux.

We look forward to welcoming you from September 12th to 17th, starting at 10:00 AM, at Vieux Port – Palais des Festivals – Luxury Gallery, Stand LUX 009.

Multilayer Jacquard Weaving

Milan – 07/2023

Multilayer Jacquard Weaving


DreamLux has developed an innovative and exciting technique that transforms luminous fabrics into three-dimensional and surreal works of art. With this new technique, the fabrics come to life, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow that merges with the fabric’s depth.

The DreamLux technique “Multilayer Jacquard Weaving,” offers a unique perspective with multiple layers of wired and alternated fabric. This creates a sensation of fluid movement and a suggestion of depth that captures attention and stimulates the imagination.

We make the impossible possible by transforming fabrics into works of art that leave an indelible mark in the minds of those who observe them.

London Design Biennale 2023

London – 06/2023

Inner Peace “Music-mind-textile” – London Design Biennale 2023


Inner Peace” is an immersive experience that promotes mindfulness and inner peace. The “Nelson Staircase” installation, a replica of the Navy Staircase damaged during World War II, symbolizes resilience and the significance of peace.

“Music-mind-textile” combines smart interactive textiles and musical performance to engage the audience in an immersive display with their feelings and emotions directing both visual and sound effects. Through the connected neural network of individuals, a shared experience is created and expressed through the responsive installation.

This captivating collaborative work encourages social engagement with surroundings, merging original music composition with smart-textiles, celebrating neurodiversity and inclusivity.

The project is a collaboration between Amelia Peng, MA Textiles student at the Royal College of Art, composers and musicians of the Royal College of Music; Foster + Partners’ Specialist modeling Group, and DreamLux.


Cernobbio – 05/2023

DreamLux-BMW Collaboration: Covering Cloth for Touring Coupe at Villa d’Este Elegance Competition


During the Concorso di Eleganza held at Villa d’Este, DreamLux collaborated with BMW to create the cover sheet for the splendid Touring Coupe. This one-of-a-kind model was made in a single exemplar, captivating the audience.

Once again, DreamLux impresses and brings to life unique projects.

Lake History

Milan – 04/2023

Art Light Panel “LAKE STORY”


I glimpsed from afar a painting with a colorful flamingo in an enchanted lake …

Suddenly, the unspoiled nature came to life in this wonderful natural landscape. The Joyful moment of plants, water and animals lights up this Dreamlux® panel.

Dreamlux® Velo White artwork powered by LEDs with static warm white and cold white light, digital printing and activation of the optical fiber with the Art Light technique.

With this technique some details can be highlighted by increasing the intensity of the light in some specific areas of the drawing.

An idea born by the hands of the artist Bressana.

Metal Fire

Milan – 04/2023

Dynamic Panel “METAL FIRE”


It seemed as if that woman was walking towards me…

A piece of art is something appreciated and loved by everyone, artist’s hands express the way that connects her emotions to the real life that is represented in his painting.

The representation of a stylized woman comes out from this picture which is enhanced by the coppery base of the design.

Dreamlux® Velo Power artwork powered by yellow and warm white LEDs enriched with sinuous effects and plays of light that make the entire panel dynamic and luminous.

A work by the artist Francesco Faravelli.

Black Combo

Milan – 04/2023

AllOver Panels “BLACK COMBO”


A series of 3 modular emotional panels that propose a versatile, composable, systemic and infinite solution …

Dreamlux® Velo Black Artwork powered by warm white and cold white LEDs to which the technique of activating the optical fiber in “All over” is applied, highlighting the brightness of the whole fabric.

An elegant steel frame surrounds the Dreamlux® panels and allows the creation of wainscoting, boiserie, modular elements for retail, ceilings, scenographic extensions even with diversified effects.

A new Dreamlux® idea thanks to the collaboration with the architect Maurizio Favetta and Davide Intravaia.


Milan – 04/2023

Event Fuorisalone 2023


Dreamlux presents: Unlimited Edition!

Revolutionary shapes and shades for real Art works unique in the world.
A vision of space, a new structure and a new closing method for Dreamlux panels.

Lake Story, “Black Combo and Metal Fire” are the names of the creations with which Dreamlux presents itself at the 2023 Fuori Salone.

Exclusivity and innovation come to life in fiber optic fabrics that glow in the dark, a collection of new panels will enrich our experiential room with an immersive adventure that lights up our dreams.

The event will take place on Friday 21 April from 18.00 at DecorLab (Via tortona 37, Milan).

Tende Dreamlux

Dubai – 03/2023

Dreamlux Curtains


Home is the place where each of us finds refreshment, rests after a long working day or simply relaxes and enjoys the moments of life, “home sweet home …”

Dreamlux curtains are a real furnishing element able to enrich and embellish even private spaces and apartments.

This installation took place in an apartment in Dubai overlooking the marvelous Burj Khalifa, the tallest architectural building in the world. The fabric chosen, Victor Cigno, is able to give the right sinuosity and richness to the fiber optic curtain that lights up in the dark.

There are so many solutions for curtains, all customizable and made to measure.

Corridoio espositivo a Dubai

Dubai – 02/2023

Exhibition hall in Dubai


The Dreamlux panels that interact like a puzzle create a magical atmosphere that only Dreamlux can give.

We carried out a paneling project on an exhibition corridor in Dubai for a luxury retail. The technique used was the All over and Art Light treatment, the artist’s hands created very unique motifs on the panels that made the luxury store even more attractive.

Riyadh – 12/2022

AllOver Panels in Victor Champagne


DreamLux has created a series of bespoke panels to decorate the walls of a private villa in Riyadh.

For this project, Victor Champagne fabric was used to cover the panels, while the LEDs are in Warm White, “the perfect combination” to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

This type of panels are available in different styles, from the choice of the color of the fabric, the size, the color of the LED as well as the activation technique, in this project we have used AllOver treatment, but it is possible to print on the fabric, or paint by hand with water-based paints and then subsequently the fibers are activated to create shades based on the design.

London – 11/2022

Leather bag with embroidered flowers in optical fiber


On this occasion we were contacted by Anthea, a young London designer who wanted to develop unique pieces for her degree thesis, and for this reason we proposed to use the particular embroidery technique, fiber optic embroidery is a 100% artisan work, precisely because it is made entirely by hand. The optical fibers allow you to create special designs and curves that make the subject, in this case a truly unique and beautiful bag, we are sure that she was the student with the most unique project

Chamonix, “The Mont Blanc” – 10/2022

Hand Painted Panels with dynamic control “Mont Blanc”


Our new partner from Chamonix (Mont Blanc), asked us to create a special project of Hand Painted in DreamLux panels and the artist Gio Bressana. Victor Cigno fabric was used for this project, while both cool and warm white LEDs were alternated to create the play of light.
The result of the combination of the light tones is a breath-taking landscape that makes the painting look real like the mountains behind them.

If you pass by Chamonix you can see the work of art with your own eyes
Adress: Arve Montblanc 1580 route d’Argentiere, 74400 Chamonix
+33 4 50 47 29 88


Milano, – Private House – 09/2022

Paint Digital Printing “African Beauty”


For this work of art in optical fibers the technique of Digital Printing on fabric “Victor Gold” was used with double LED lighting, in Warm White on the right side, while on the left side in Gold light, the combination of both LEDs allows to highlight the nuances of the face.
Furthermore, for a truly unique effect, the activation of the fibers is a very important step since the artist must adjust the abrasion of the fibers by creating shades suitable for printing.

Tuscany, – Garden Toscana Resort – 08/2022

“Wonder”, show by the soprano Alessia Pintossi


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Alessia Pintossi, for the “Wonder” show held this summer in the splendid “Garden Toscana Resort” location. For this show Alessia provided us with her own patterns and then later we recommended the fabrics for both items of clothing,
“Organza White” fabric was chosen for the suit, while “Velo White” was chosen for the dress, for both we chose to use LED Cold White.

Milan, “The Forest Room – Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2022” – 06/2022

Hand painted panels “The Forest”, Jacquard ceiling “Northern Lights”


For the 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile DreamLux presents “The Forest”

The DreamLux Room has been developed using two different activation techniques: in the ceiling the movement of the Aurora Borealis is recreated with panels in Jacquard weaving, where the “multilevel” weaving technique allows to appreciate the light effects only in the desired points, while in the rest of the fabric the fibers are hidden behind the yarns.

In the side cladding our Victor Cigno fabric is used to cover the panels, while the forest is hand painted by the artist Giovanni Bressana, who wonderfully recreated the Nordic environment for a totally immersive experience.

In addition, we recreated the movement of the Northern Lights through the software integration: to get the shades of light we used 190 LEDs in Cold White and Capri Water colors. The remote-control system helps to reach the highest level of technology, thanks to the changes of light movements and the creation of a perfect emotional feeling.

This is the magic of DreamLux: creating, through the light in the fabrics, scenarios that excite and carry far.

Milan, “The Bee’s Flight – Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2022” – 06/2022

Paint Digital Printing “The Bee’s Flight”


DreamLux has created a Sustainable Wall in collaboration with Benetti Home
The wall includes one panel in Velo Power Fabric with digital printing of the bee with flowers; the dimensions of the panel are 35xH 300 cm. The artwork is programmed to create a dynamic effect and plays of light. The LEDs light colors are Capri Water and Gold
The side panels are in stabilized moss, supplied by Benetti Home
The digital printed bee is the representation of a new concept design where nature comes first

Milan, “Sophia Loren Restaurant – Original Italian Food” – 05/2022

Paint Digital Printing “Sophia Loren”


For this restaurant in Milan it’s been chosen a breathtaking location in the Piazza Cordusio area, destination of citizens and tourists, recently become stage of new global retail trends.

How could Dreamlux be out of it? The fascine of a comfort and refined environment, inspired of an Italian and international movie icon, it’s been enriched by our luminous special fabric Velo Power, animated by a movement soft program of the LED lights.

Eddah, Saudi Arabia – 02/2022

Jacquard Panel “Sun at sunset”

We re created the effect of a splendid sunset, mixing the colors of the desert and the ones of our LED on a jacquard fabric with optical fiber.

Thanks to the thick wiring and to the light control, that let to program the illumination zone per zone and to set the movement, the final result is a paint (or an entire wall) almost in 3D, that transport who is watching into the portrayed “world”.

Technology and tradition melt together in a wise art of texture to give a unique and irreplaceable product.

Place Vendome, Christmas Showcase, Paris — 12/2021


Dreamlux is proud to have been chosen by a brand so important as it is Bulgari to create the Christmas location of 13 showcases in one of its most famous shops. For this occasion, so special, we joined the jacquard fabric with the most advance game of lights technology with many  1W LED: the overlapping in weaving of optical fiber with lurex threads and the peacock color with their custom pantone have not only created a new product, sophisticated and precious, but also have let to animate the design thanks to a special computer program that gave to all the project an elegant and harmonious movement.

Rome, Private Villa – 05/2021

Canopy Bed


When a client wished to rest under a sky full of stars, our mission becomes realizing his dream. With 8 sheets of Velo fabric, silver coloured and warm white led lights, we enlightened with discretion the canopy bed of the major bedroom, guaranteeing an elegant effect and a pleasing privacy. The treatment “all-over”, that consists of random abrasion of the optical fiber, puts in evidence many little points of light that create the suggestion of being wrapped in a sky full of stars.

Another wonderful emotion signed Dreamlux.

Riyadh, Private Cinema – 03/2021

Hand painted artwall panels “Garden of Light”


…And suddenly the light.
When DreamLux® meets special designers, everything makes sense and the results are assured: Elegance, Innovation, Technology, Luxury, Top Quality Service… in a word… EMOTION.
The “Garden of Light”, a fiber optic hand painted wall which decorates a private cinema room in a Villa in Saudi Arabia, is made of 24 pieces of luminous fabric in different dimensions. A full hand made job of great accuracy and precision that does not allow mistakes, cancellations, second thoughts. Starting from the selected drawing of an Islamic garden, the artist has reproduced the design on the Victor Gold fabric for more than 12 metres length. The hand activation of the optical fiber through the ArtLight technique has allowed to bring out shadows and shades while working.
The opposite wall is made of 34 panels in all-over Victor Gold fabric, to give soft light to the whole room. A unique project for a unique private home theater.


Living Room Curtains


A Dreamlux classic: Curtains. To create every night at your own house a magical and relaxing atmosphere, there’ nothing better than our Dreamlux curtains, in all the most beautiful and precious variants of fabric available: Velo, Victor, Organza, Fluid, Rete, Sahara, Spyder. They are custom produced, to satisfy every single request of preference: straight, on panels, enriched or with waves.
We take care of everything; we create the technical border on the top, in which it’s hidden the electrical part (1W LED, cables, ac power) and we can supply the tracks too, simple or motorized. With our technology we can also unite the curtains to the domotic system, to give a perfect and modern result.

Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – 05/2020

Office Curtains


Dreamlux is also for “professional use”
For a meeting office in a skyscraper of Calgary we have produced curtains in Velo Silver fabric, only slightly curled, with that are covered the inner walls in glass, so that they can be also seen from the outside of the room. The atmosphere created by the light LED warn white stimulate the concentration and at the same time they make the space modern and innovative.

Leila, the Land of Imagination – Riyadh, Arabia Saudita – 01/2020
Produced by BWS-KSA

Theatrical productions and events

We provided our Dreamlux fabric for a show that has celebrated the future of Saudi Arabia, seen as the imagination land, where it’s learnt that everything Is possible.
It’s been a great entertainment festival, part of the plan Vision 2030. The optical fiber fabric most used it’s been the Organza, lightweight, elegant, and intangible, with the most vivid light led: Cold White.
We dressed the protagonists and with free fiber threads, also a horse, to make more luminous the tail and the mane.
Technique and fantasy meet the theatrical scene for a revolutionary show.

Qatar Index Exhibition, Doha — 10/2019

The Tree of Light


DreamLux in collaboration with a famous Italian painter has created a majestic Paint of Light. In the size of 230×270 cm, it has inside more than 3500 optical fibers and 10 leds of 1 Watt. It’s been used “Victor” texture in its elegant Gold color, with artistic and pictorial operations representing a flowering Tree, decorated with gold leaves decorations. All the decorations of light are made by hand.

Luanda, Angola — 09/2019

Luminous Royal Wedding Dress


Who has never dreamed of marrying without wearing a princess dress? Even real princesses! This summer we have created the most luminous dress of all times for our bride, member of the Angolan royal family: the Dreamlux dress is white velo fabric with cold white led light has surprised and amazed everyone and it gave an elegant and sophisticated effect. The dress tail, unique in its genre, was more than 4 meters long! Magic and pure emotion for the best day ever.


Dreamlux x J Cartu


Ferrari entrepreneur and driver Josh Cartu chose us as a partner to create his merchandise for his world tour during the summer. Using the exclusive “ArtLight” technique on our DreamLux fabric, we have created luminous inserts by activating the optical fiber only on the logo or design that our customer has chosen. The WOW effect is guaranteed: when the fabric is off, no more logos or designs are seen, then, suddenly, here is the surprise

Inner peace - Foster the people
Inner peace - Foster the people


Inner Peace in collaboration with @fosterpartners winner of Darc Awards


Congratulation Foster + Partners!

Milan, Stadium San Siro — June 2016

Laura Pausini singing in Dreamlux


To shine like a star during her tour, Laura Pausini chose to wear a dress made by the famous Maison Byblos with our luminous fabric “Velo” in Ivory with Warm White LED light. Laura’s princess dress made her concert even more magical which, even today, remains UNFORGETTABLE!