The DreamLux® fabric comes up from the weaving machine “off”, with the optical fiber in weft ready to be wired and connected to the luminous source, but to be activated and enlightened it needs to be treated.

The practical techniques are different and often used simultaneously, according to the clients’ preferences.


In this technique, the fabric is uniformly activated, it means that all the optical fibers are activated indistinctly, and consequently, each fiber emits light as a starry sky. AllOver activation is the most used technique since it is the basis of every treatment, the simple abrasion of the optical fiber.


It is possible to make a design by abrading the optical fiber in the same way as a drawing on a white sheet, then the fabric is activated uniformly. In this technique it is not necessary to have a background trace since the artist himself can draw following his own imagination and creativity.


On the fabric it is possible to print a graphic or a drawing through digital printing. Printing uses a fourcolor model, CMYK colors. The artist then adjusts the abrasion of the optical fiber by creating chiaroscuro effects suitable for the printed design.


With this technique, the fiber is distributed and activated differently on various levels. This weaving, in fact, is composed of different layers in which it is possible to insert various levels of optical fiber. In this way, the activation can be extended to the entire fabric. This is possible thanks to the superficial layer of covering fabric which in some points, following the design of the subject, shields the light emitted by the underlying optical fiber.


This is a revolutionary technique that allows to illuminate the fabric by creating unique works. This technique consists of creating a work of art with water-based acrylic paint on the fabric. While painting on the fabric, the fibers are subjected to brush abrasion: this process allows to transport the light to the painting and makes the work unique and unrepeatable.