Hand-made Technological Art for the Luxury's World



DREAMLUX® was born over 60 years of experience in weaving, embroidery and packaging

  • Optical fiber miles in a 3 meter curtain
  • Bright spots in a DreamLux tablecloth
  • The days needed to make a product in Art Light technique
  • The points of a DreamLux bright embroidery
  • The components of our perfectly integrated led system


I met Tommaso Galbersanini on the photographic set for the shooting of the latest DreamLux creations. Between one click and the other, I asked him to tell me about him. A short story came out of it, a simple story, though rich of nice memories, which inspired Tommaso in his entrepreneurial project.

L: Tommaso, how come you are producing textile with light?
T: In order to tell you my story, I have to go back to the seventies and to my parents, when they worked for a well-known weaving mill in Lombardy. My father Luigi was a warehouseman, while my mother Eva was a seamstress, with a passion for cinema and the habits to go to the movies alone. Till that day when my father invited himself to go with her…

L: Colleagues and fiancés, it could work at that time, couldn’t it?
T: It was not easy, but it did work for them! They were so close that the owner of the company, that was about to retire and had no children, asked them to take over the business. They were only 20 and with no experience whatsoever, nevertheless, they accepted the challenge. The time was propitious for whoever wanted to commit to a business activity, with a pinch of creativity and a good dose of recklessness.

L: Did they want to go on producing textile?
T: They had looms and embroidery machines, my father knew the techniques, my mother had the creativity and the taste. They decided to focus on linens, and in the 80’s many linens companies had in their collections the designs chosen by my mother. Without even knowing, my mother was the perfect creative mind for a style department.

L: But then came the 90’s…
T: Productions changed, the market evolved, they started to feel the competition of the emerging markets. A new challenge for them, who decided to specialize in hospitality; I have memories of meters and meters of white sheets, and me, as a kid, diving into them. I also remember my father being a hard worker, taking me with him when he had to monitor the night shifts, letting me sleep on a small bed while he was talking to the employees at work. However, such a great commitment was paid off and a few years later many hotels worldwide were using our linens.

L: And then? When did you start working in the company?
T: At the beginning of the 2000’s, going through different stages: warehouseman, forklift man, driver, accountant and finally sales man. Luckily, my parents accepted with pleasure the news I brought into the company, deriving from my studies, my frequent trips abroad and a little bit of madness. At that moment, I realized that the market required the excellence; therefore I retrieved from the archive precious fabrics like linen, cashmere, silk.

L: But you also introduced alternative fibers
T: Yes, I was 25 and full of energy: I started to attend trade shows, exhibiting new natural and sustainable materials, like the wood fiber and the milk fiber; It was then that I realized that outside our country there is a strong interest for the Made in Italy, if the products are high quality. Therefore, I started traveling to Dubai, Russia and Arabia with various linens collections: kitchen, bed and bath linens.

L: But at that time the optic fiber was not introduced yet…
T: that is true. For this, we have to wait until 2009, when I got closer to a company that had a product made of optic fiber: I courted them, I purchased the first samples, analyzed them and tried and integrate them with our textile. I thought it could work, and that is how DreamLux was born. However, only in 2014, after many years of research, tries and experiments, thanks to an innovation fund, I could buy the international patents for optic fiber weaving.

L: and… today.
T: We have important customers now. I got called from BMW, Nike, Microsoft, Apple in 2015…Obviously, I wanted to do more and better, therefore I patented another technology for embroidery. Armani, Versace, D&G and more recently Chanel contacted me. With such a prestigious audience I got fascinated by fashion, where I currently find my inspiration for new lines of accessories, such as the ones we are photographing today and that women may wear around the world.

L: Really great story Tommaso. Please, keep on dreaming for us!